“Cardinal’s staff is very in touch with the curriculum at the local schools, which enables them to address the student’s needs in a very targeted and efficient way.”

-Parents of a Menlo School student; Woodside, CA

“Through hard work and excellent tutoring, our son significantly improved his exam scores and was accepted at all of the schools where he applied.”

-Geoffrey “Duff” & Gina Baldwin; Woodside, CA

“From the initial call to the consultation with my family and all the tutoring sessions, your company displayed outstanding service on a timely basis.”

-Andrew, Father of a student at Crystal Springs; San Francisco, CA

“In the end, all I can say is that Cardinal Education will do whatever takes to get the job done.”

-Mother of a Sacred Heart Student; Palo Alto, CA


Becoming familiar and proficient with the structure and subjects of standardized exams can help you score higher.


Our 1:1 private coaching/tutoring offers students the most individualized and customized academic instruction that fosters success.


We partner with you to identify, strategize, and work through obstacles getting in the way of academic success.


We work with you to personalize your application process experience, address your individual needs and goals, and facilitate the student’s transition to higher education.