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Often, the act of organizing classwork, extracurricular activities, and social life can be overwhelming for an adolescent. It is no wonder students these days are extremely stressed! Cardinal Education’s Academic Coaching program provides the mentoring your student needs to change the way they look at academics. From executive functioning skills in middle school to transitioning to high school, our expert coaches transform lives!

For students, good study skills are often as important as the subject material. This is especially true of students who have to integrate demanding coursework with extracurricular activities. Through middle school, class grades typically weight homework more heavily causing bright students with poor organization to receive poor grades. Throughout high school – tests, quizzes, essays, and projects are more heavily weighted which creates problems for students who lack time management and study skills. Many times, brilliant students are not recognized for their talents because their bad study habits prevent them from showcasing their skills in their schoolwork.

“Using Cardinal Education really taught me how to manage my school work and my life as a whole. The tutors really get to know your strengths and weaknesses, later helping you with new study and/or test techniques. I really proved to myself that I can get good grades and do well on tests– Cardinal Education had a lot to do with giving me that confidence. I’ve got one last thing to say… THANKS CARDINAL EDUCATION!”

– Morgan, Palo Alto High School ’08

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your help this year. Being able to have a Stanford student teaching me math whenever I needed help was the best resource a high school kid could ask for. Any time I thought I needed help, your tutors were available and willing to help me. Not to mention that even when I didn’t ask them for help, they made sure that I was on top of all my schoolwork. The things I learned from them will help me in the years to come. Thanks for providing me with the help I needed.”

– H.G., Menlo-Atherton student; Menlo Park, CA

“Allen brought expertise and enthusiasm to every session with our son. He had a very good rapport with John and helped him see the benefit of working hard. He kept his interest level high while sharpening his skills, all the while bringing a personal touch that went beyond the standard teacher/student relationship. Along with achieving the very good test results, Allen helped John maintain a “can-do” attitude and the confidence to succeed.”

– Mother of Menlo School students; Woodside, CA

“Having been a educator for years, you think it would be easy for me to help my son with his homework. Thank goodness Cardinal Education has stepped in to help not just with homework but with creating life skills for college and beyond. Our son likes his tutor, Adrian, and looks forward to his visits.”

– Camille Herwood, Teacher & Mother of a Mountain View HS student; Mountain View, CA

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Every student stands to benefit from improved organization and time management skills. Cardinal Education will work with your child to hone these skills to perfection.