Academic Coaching

“Using Cardinal Education really taught me how to manage my school work and my life as a whole. The tutors really get to know your strengths and weaknesses, later helping you with new study and/or test techniques. I really proved to myself that I can get good grades and do well on tests– Cardinal Education had a lot to do with giving me that confidence. I’ve got one last thing to say… THANKS CARDINAL EDUCATION!”


Palo Alto High School '08

“I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your help this year. Being able to have a Stanford student teaching me math whenever I needed help was the best resource a high school kid could ask for. Any time I thought I needed help, your tutors were available and willing to help me. Not to mention that even when I didn’t ask them for help, they made sure that I was on top of all my schoolwork. The things I learned from them will help me in the years to come. Thanks for providing me with the help I needed.”


Menlo-Atherton student; Menlo Park, CA

“After struggling with a couple terms early in high school, Adrian helped me raise my GPA to a 3.8, get into 10 out of 10 universities that I applied to and receive an Air Force ROTC scholarship. The organizational and academic skills that I have gained through working with Adrian have helped me progress through school and advance myself further in other aspects as well.”


Menlo-Atherton student '07; Menlo Park, CA

“Allen brought expertise and enthusiasm to every session with our son. He had a very good rapport with John and helped him see the benefit of working hard. He kept his interest level high while sharpening his skills, all the while bringing a personal touch that went beyond the standard teacher/student relationship. Along with achieving the very good test results, Allen helped John maintain a “can-do” attitude and the confidence to succeed.”

Mother of Menlo School students

Woodside, CA

“Having been a educator for years, you think it would be easy for me to help my son with his homework. Thank goodness Cardinal Education has stepped in to help not just with homework but with creating life skills for college and beyond. Our son likes his tutor, Adrian, and looks forward to his visits.”

Camille Herwood

Teacher & Mother of a Mountain View HS student; Mountain View, CA

“Hi Adrian, First of all – thank you so much for what you are doing. You are everything I hoped for Michael, and much, much more. You are just what we need for this, I believe, turning point for Michael. I think you have given him the direction that has restored his confidence in himself. You have also given me the confidence to be able to back away a little, and hopefully restore a little bit of the great relationship Mike and I have had up to fairly recently. In addition, Mike really likes and admires you. I read an email that you sent to Michael […] and I loved it. You are tough, and a little demanding, and I think he is going to respond well to that.[…] He tends to hide stuff from me because he doesn’t want to get into trouble, but you have managed to root it all out. I already see a change in him. SO, thank you!”

Linda Cullen

Mother of a Palo Alto High School Student; Mountain View, CA

“We had the fortunate benefit of having Allen as our son’s tutor, as ours was a difficult case. He is creative, energetic and very resourceful; a rare individual who thinks outside of the box and does whatever it takes to get the job done. He built a positive rapport with our son and empowered him to become a more self-motivated and capable student. I would definitely recommend Allen and his group to anyone looking for a tutor and/or consultant for their child.”

Linda Klein

Menlo Park, CA

“Allen, I just want to put it out there that I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. My family went through a very difficult time with the divorce, and your support has given us much-needed stability. Your attention to my kids’ emotions was a blessing and their confidence and grades are a real blessing. Come back for dinner soon!”


Mother of Palo Alto High School & Jordan Middle School students

“On behalf of Taipei Design Center, San Francisco – a program commissioned by the government of the Republic of China, Taiwan – I would like to thank you for the services you and Cardinal Education have provided for us. Your program in Public Speaking and Presentation Development was of outstanding quality and helped us achieve great results. ” We thoroughly enjoyed the content and comfortable atmosphere you were able to create, and the professionalism for which you handled this program. It was tailored to our exact needs, rich with information, allowed us an opportunity to practice what we had learned, and we all received productive, real-time feedback. This is why we have contracted your services on more than one occasion. Again, thank you very much for all the work you were able to do for Taipei Design Center.”

Yu Shiu Yang

Executive Manager; Taipei Design Center, San Francisco

Test Preparation

“My experience working with your company and tutors has been nothing less than exceptional. I have had many tutors, but none were as knowledgeable, convenient, and effective as Jerry and Susan. The fact that they were Stanford students themselves was extremely motivating to me and gave them a lot of credibility, which they always backed up. I actually looked forward to my sessions because I knew that I would learn so much. MY SAT score jumped over 300 points with 4 months of tutoring; for the Spanish SAT, my score went from a 620 to a 750. I plan to recommend your company to all my friends who are aspiring to go to top universities.”

John L.

UC Berkeley '12; Seoul, Korea

“Thanks for all your help prepping me on the Chemistry and Math SAT Subject Tests. I could definitely tell the difference in the quality of your tutors. From beginning to end, I found the tutors to be extremely helpful, great teachers, and very dedicated to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Cardinal Education tutors for anyone needing test prep or tutoring.”


Palo Alto, CA

“Thanks for all your help prepping me on the Chemistry and Math SAT Subject Tests. I could definitely tell the difference in the quality of your tutors. From beginning to end, I found the tutors to be extremely helpful, great teachers, and very dedicated to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Cardinal Education tutors for anyone needing test prep or tutoring.”


Bellarmine Prep '08; Los Gatos, CA

“We called Cardinal Education to help our son prepare for his high school entrance exams. Allen Koh from Cardinal worked extensively with our son on all major exam subjects as well as test taking strategy. Through hard work and excellent tutoring, our son significantly improved his exam scores and was accepted at all of the schools where he applied. Equally important, our son enjoyed working with Allen and developed a friendship that made the long weekends of tutoring an enjoyable learning experience. Without question, we will continue to work with Cardinal Education and Allen to supplement our children’s education and ensure their successful progression to high school and college.”

Geoffrey "Duff" & Gina Baldwin

Woodside, CA

“Cardinal Education played an important role in helping our 8th grader rapidly improve his math and verbal skills. CE helped him prepare for several private school entrance exams, and as a result he raised his scores significantly on the SSAT. The net result is that he was accepted into every school he applied to, including Menlo School, Sacred Heart, and St. Francis. Allen has an ability to connect with our son so that our son respects and follows his instruction. We would definitely recommend Cardinal Education for all academic endeavors, and plan to bring them in when our younger son moves into middle school”

Bob Reed

Woodside, CA

“Thank you so much for helping us! No more tears and late night panicking. Even though my daughter is very bright, she was never a good test taker. Thank you for giving her the tools to be more confident and successful on tests. Her grades have gone up so much and I am very much looking forward to her working with one of your tutors for the SAT.”


Mother of a Castilleja student

“I called Cardinal Education to help my son improve his organizational and study skills. Though a very bright boy, he has some very poor habits that I felt could hinder his success in the future. Not only was Cardinal Education experienced with this area, but they also had tutors ready to send to my home the same day! I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily they could fill my exact need.

My daughter thinks the tutor you sent is absolutely amazing. I have never seen her so excited about studying or schoolwork. I think the only people happier than her are me and my husband! Thanks for all your help preparing her for the ACT!”

Mother of a Menlo School student

Woodside, CA

“Allen’s knowledge and insightfulness helped us through the college admission process. He is truly dedicated and gives 100% to his students. We found Cardinal tutors caring and focused to help with the learning process. With Allen’s help, we felt supported throughout the college process. It was amazing that he remembered our daughter when I contacted him regarding an SI friend needing SAT prep. Our daughter will be graduating this spring 2013 with a double major in Neuro Science and Psychology from Brandeis University.”

Appreciative Sacred Heart Parents

Admissions Counseling

“Allen, I just wanted to let you know that I got into Dartmouth, Washington University in St. Louis, and Cornell. Thank you for helping me out with my college apps and essays. Your advice was invaluable to me considering the pressure that I was under. I’m glad I got the real inside info I was looking for, and not some cookie-cutter program or useless cliches. I was so stressed going into senior year and felt completely overwhelmed. Your recommendations showed me how to successfully manage all my work and keep my stress level down. Also, thanks for making sure I never slacked off too much. I really appreciate the individual attention I received.”

Tim Geum

Cornell '12; Seoul, Korea

“I highly recommend Cardinal Education to anyone applying to boarding or private schools. They really know what they are doing, and show a lot of care and attention to their students. With their help, I will be attending Thatcher next year. Not only do their tutors know their stuff, they made sure that I stayed on top of everything. They were pretty unrelenting in their focus and it helped me stay on track so many times.”


Phillips Exeter '11

“This unique company provides personalized, individual educational coaching and tutoring for kids of all levels and abilities. The tutors they hire are all Stanford students. They consult, as needed, with teachers to make sure the child’s educational goals are being met.

Thank you so much for helping Colleen out with her college essays. I don’t know what we would have done without you. Colleen was always so busy with schoolwork, sports, and extracurriculars that she never had enough time to work on her essays until she began working with Sheila. Sheila helped organize all her college applications and developed a plan of action. Sheila then outlined a schedule to follow for Colleen’s essays and applications and made sure Colleen met every deadline no matter what! You made such a stressful experience an enjoyable one. I can’t thank you enough!”


Mother of a Stanford '10 student

Private Tutoring

“Thanks to your company, I raised my Chem AP grade from a C- to an A-. I also got a 5 on the AP exam and a 770 on the Chem SAT. Most importantly, I discovered how to study and prepare better for exams.”


Milpitas, CA

“Thanks so much for your help! You really made math easier for me! I hope to work with you again next year”


Palo Alto High School '07; Palo Alto, CA

“Working with your tutors really saved my life this year. My Chem honors and Algebra II honors classes were so hard I couldn’t keep up. Vijay and Young Ha were such dedicated and good tutors. They did everything they could to make sure I did well in my classes. They were also more than tutors, they were friends. I am so happy that I signed up for tutoring.”


Saratoga High School student; Saratoga, CA

“I don’t know what I would have done without Young Ha’s help in physics. I was in danger of failing physics, which would have made me ineligible for sports my senior year. The mere thought of that occurring was depressing, and I am so grateful that I was able to avoid it. I’m really not a good science student, but with Young Ha’s help physics went from impossible to manageable. He helped me understand the concepts in addition to helping get through my homework assignments and studying with me for tests. After having an F in the class half-way through the semester, I managed to pull off a B-. Most importantly, working with Young Ha really increased my confidence and showed me that hard work pays off. I’ll be sure to call you if I need help with schoolwork again.”


Student at Gunn High School; Palo Alto, CA

“I had a fond experience with Cardinal Education when pursuing an appropriate tutor qualified to prepare me for my AP Chemistry exam. This organization has been very attentive to my specific needs for this exam and asked me numerous questions in order to accommodate such individual preferences. After the Q and A process, they provided a tutor who was fully capable of helping me achieve a 5 on this particular exam. As for the actual tutor, Vijay was assigned to me and was helpful from beginning to end. I would not have gotten a 5 on the exam without him. We first planned out a personal schedule for me that gave me confidence that I would be fully prepared by the exam deadline. Vijay was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses in test taking and chemistry, so we did not squander any valuable time during our tutoring sessions. I believe that his experience with the test one of the key reasons why he was able to elaborate on chemistry concepts in a way that I could understand it better. I have absolute confidence in Cardinal Education’s ability to assign me a more than capable tutor for whatever future test preparations I require.”

Luan Ngo

AP Chemistry Student

“I am pleased to recommend Allen Koh of Cardinal Education for individualized education needs. He tutored me primarily in AP American History over the past year and I have consistently found him to be an excellent role model and mentor. He taught me how to get good grades by forcing me to be organized, accountable, and study “the right way”. He has a special ability to sense my weaknesses and shore them up so that they can become strengths. Allen is a great motivator and always made sure that I got everything done. By everything, I really mean it – he never let me slip up at all. Thanks for your help Allen!”


Harker School; San Jose, CA

“I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional work you have done tutoring me in Economics AP this past year. Based on my experience, I enthusiastically recommended your tutoring services to my friends and family members. Despite having very high expectations for the tutor, Matt was able to exceed those expectations and get me to a level I didn’t realize I could achieve. Matt did a very thorough review of the key concepts that I didn’t fully understand without wasting time. From then on, we were able to maintain A’s on most of my tests for the rest of the year. The results speak for themselves: I got an A in econ and a 5 on both AP exams. Cardinal Education has exceptional tutors and found me the right one for my situation! Again, thank you for sending Matt!”

Sam Chung

San Francisco, CA

“It is my pleasure to recommend Young Ha Koh as a tutor. Young Ha tutored my daughter in physics and geometry. Young Ha’s in depth knowledge of the subjects and exceptional ability to relate to students makes him a very effective tutor. He is well prepared for every session and provides useful learning materials in addition to the work provided by the teacher. Young Ha makes himself available to the students outside of the scheduled sessions when a question comes up of importance. We have tried different tutors over the years, and to date, Young Ha is one of the very best.”

Susan Stone

Mother of a Menlo School sophomore; Redwood Shores, CA

“We called Cardinal Education to help our daughter with History and Chemistry. Our daughter has special needs and was overwhelmed with the material and struggled to the point of almost failing. Allen Koh from Cardinal Education, came to the rescue and quickly assessed how he could help our daughter get into a successful mode. We worked closely with Derek for History and he completely turned our daughter around. History is Derek’s specialty and he is very passionate about the subject, which in turn gave our daughter knowledge and motivation to succeed. Our other tutor, Young Ha Koh was extremely helpful in aiding our daughter to manage Chemistry. He is a “master tutor” when it comes to this subject. In the end, all I can say is that Cardinal Education will do whatever takes to get the job done.”

Mother of a Sacred Heart Student

Palo Alto, CA

“Cardinal Education has done a superb job of tutoring my son. He has always had issues with homework. He has special needs and Cardinal Education tutoring has been respectful and compassionate toward him and his challenges. Cardinal Education has done an excellent job of helping my son to get organized and do his homework. Now if they could just get him to do his chores.

Adrian quickly assessed the deficiencies of my daughter’s approach to her studies and immediately set on a path to help her help herself. I appreciate Adrian’s communication with me and follow up to their sessions, so that we are working together and are consistent in our approach to help my daughter during the whole week.”

Lori Lehman

Mother of a Palo Alto High School student; Palo Alto, CA

“I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the sessions you’ve been having with Kimberly. I don’t think I recall ever seeing her this enthusiastic about learning. I’ve had a few tutors, but none with the skills that you offer. I very much appreciate your style of tutoring and all the help you have provided thus far. I really appreciate all the hard work you are doing with Kimberly. Your help has raised her level of confidence by leaps and bounds. She just reviewed her Physics final grade for this period and she has a ‘B’. I know for sure if you were not helping, the grade would probably be a ‘C’ or ‘D.’ Her prior track record has shown that in a subject like Physics she would not have maintained a grade at this level or the enthusiasm she has. Also, I would have been completely stressed out and trying to work to bring a bad grade up. I believe she has a ‘B’ in Algebra II as well. You have been a real lifesaver for me this quarter. I sincerely appreciate all your dedication and hard work.”

Lillie Culclager

Sunnyvale, CA

“Bobby is an amazing tutor! Please ensure that he can continue to tutor my son! We’d like to lock him up for the rest of the year.”


Mother of a Palo Alto High School student; Palo Alto, CA

“I have used many tutors for my son over the years in all subjects. I can say without qualification that my experience with Cardinal Education was by far the best I have ever had. From the initial call to the consultation with my family and all the tutoring sessions, your company displayed outstanding service on a timely basis. Thanks again for your help and assistance.”


Father of a student at Crystal Springs; San Francisco, CA

“Cardinal’s staff is very in touch with the curriculum at the local schools, which enables them to address the student’s needs in a very targeted and efficient way. They also excel at establishing an additional accountability based relationship with students which distinguishes them from a typical tutoring approach.”

Parents of a Menlo School student

Woodside, CA

“George was the best tutor we’ve ever had! Nobody has been able to motivate Matthew like George has. Matthew was a complete mess in chemistry – he wasn’t doing his homework and had basically given up. He has gone from a D to B+ in the class since he began tutoring! I hope to continue using your tutors next year and for my younger son as well.”


Mother of a Los Altos High School Student; Los Altos, CA

“Thank you to Cardinal Education and all of your tutors! When I decided to go back to work, I was worried that I would have to stop homeschooling my children. How you came in and gave us structure was such an improvement. Your tutors were always prepared and have made my home into a little schoolhouse. Thanks again.”


Los Altos, CA