Becoming familiar and proficient with the structure and subjects of standardized exams can help you score higher.

Standardized exam scores are arguably the important consideration in school admissions. Cardinal Education provides results-driven exam preparation for a wide variety of standardized exams. Our focus on the test-taking mindset sets Cardinal Education apart – not only will your student master the content on the exams, but our unparalleled focus on how to take exams allows your student to fulfill their true potential.

Cardinal Education emphasizes unique test prep strategies that have proven highly effective for our students. To develop these strategies, we undertook extensive research and analysis into each standardized exam. You will not find our strategies in any test prep books or offered by any mainstream test prep companies.

Cardinal Education’s committed approach, expert coaches, and uniquely individualized strategies help students reach their goals and motivate them to excel on standardized exams and beyond. Test prep coaching with us also provides benefits to students that go beyond good scores. While learning test prep, students are learning various math, reading, and writing skills that will translate to increased success in middle school, high school, college, graduate, and post-graduate classes. Our test prep coaching also imparts a mode of methodical and critical thinking that applies to many aspects of school and life.

We offer 1:1 private coaching for students preparing for the ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Exams, and AP Exams. By following our highly customized 1:1 coaching plans, countless Cardinal Education students have achieved substantial score increases. Our friendly and patient coaches guide students through the test prep process, motivating and inspiring students to take an enthusiastic interest in their academic success.

“My experience working with your company and tutors has been nothing less than exceptional. I have had many tutors, but none were as knowledgeable, convenient, and effective as Jerry and Susan. The fact that they were Stanford students themselves was extremely motivating to me and gave them a lot of credibility, which they always backed up. I actually looked forward to my sessions because I knew that I would learn so much. MY SAT score jumped over 300 points with 4 months of tutoring; for the Spanish SAT, my score went from a 620 to a 750. I plan to recommend your company to all my friends who are aspiring to go to top universities.”

– John L., UC Berkeley ’12; Seoul, Korea

“Thanks for all your help prepping me on the Chemistry and Math SAT Subject Tests. I could definitely tell the difference in the quality of your tutors. From beginning to end, I found the tutors to be extremely helpful, great teachers, and very dedicated to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Cardinal Education tutors for anyone needing test prep or tutoring.”

– Jeff, Palo Alto, CA

“We called Cardinal Education to help our son prepare for his high school entrance exams. Allen Koh from Cardinal worked extensively with our son on all major exam subjects as well as test taking strategy. Through hard work and excellent tutoring, our son significantly improved his exam scores and was accepted at all of the schools where he applied. Equally important, our son enjoyed working with Allen and developed a friendship that made the long weekends of tutoring an enjoyable learning experience. Without question, we will continue to work with Cardinal Education and Allen to supplement our children’s education and ensure their successful progression to high school and college.”

– Geoffrey “Duff” & Gina Baldwin Woodside, CA

“I called Cardinal Education to help my son improve his organizational and study skills. Though a very bright boy, he has some very poor habits that I felt could hinder his success in the future. Not only was Cardinal Education experienced with this area, but they also had tutors ready to send to my home the same day! I couldn’t believe how quickly and easily they could fill my exact need.
My daughter thinks the tutor you sent is absolutely amazing. I have never seen her so excited about studying or schoolwork. I think the only people happier than her are me and my husband! Thanks for all your help preparing her for the ACT!”

– Mother of a Menlo School student Woodside, CA

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Proctored practice exams are a critical component of our test prep programs. Taking a timed exam under real testing conditions helps students develop mental endurance and proper pacing. It also increases their comfort level so that there will be no surprises on the day of the actual exam.