Math Workbook 4th Edition

This fourth edition of the Math Workbook for Middle School and High School Entrance Exams has been overhauled from the third edition to reflect the most up-to-date knowledge of the private school admissions exams, as well as to incorporate new insights gleaned by our experts as they used the second edition to prepare students for these exams. Here are some new features you will find in the fourth edition:

  • A more logical progression and classification of concepts, exercises, and question
  • Over 20 new practice sets throughout the book
  • Inclusion of more high value material that is likely to show up on the exams
  • A more Lower Level-friendly interface, including “8th Grade Only” notations in the table of contents and new basic practice sets to introduce 5th grade students to complex concepts such as percentages, exponents, and geometry
  • New advanced concepts exclusively for upper level students
  • Cumulative review benchmark skills tests throughout the book to help students judge their level of mastery in each concept
  • Stylistic upgrades that increase the navigational functionality of the book
  • A consolidated reference section at the beginning of the book, featuring a new unit conversion chart.

While private school entrance exam preparation is the primary purpose of this book, we recognize that it may serve other purposes as well. This book would be useful for anyone looking for a workbook that encompasses all fundamental math concepts up through an 8th grade math program. For further information about the book and our test prep offerings, check out our book’s Amazon link, here, where you can find reviews and many additional details.