Our 1:1 private coaching/tutoring offers students the most individualized and customized academic instruction that fosters success.

Personalized subject coaching is crucial to the full understanding and mastery of any subject. By building confidence, study skills, and competency – our expert coaches excel at building academic foundations while delivering results. We offer comprehensive subject coaching at all levels and for all academic courses including but not limited to all mathematics, all sciences, English, foreign languages, history and many electives.

At Cardinal Education, we offer only 1:1 coaching. We find that 1:1 coaching provides a level of customized and personal instruction that makes it significantly more effective than group classes.

Cardinal Education’s exclusive focus on 1:1 coaching allows us to completely customize plans to meet the needs of each individual student – The student’s strengths and weaknesses, study habits, work ethic, time management skills, and a variety of other factors that we take into consideration.

Subjects we coach in but are not limited to


Algebra I & II
AP Calculus AB & BC
AP Statistics
Linear Algebra
Multivariable Calculus


Earth Science


Literature Analysis
Essay Composition
AP English Language
AP English Literature


World History
US History
AP European History
AP US History
AP World History

“Cardinal Education has done a superb job of tutoring my son. He has always had issues with homework. He has special needs and Cardinal Education tutoring has been respectful and compassionate toward him and his challenges. Cardinal Education has done an excellent job of helping my son to get organized and do his homework. Now if they could just get him to do his chores.

Adrian quickly assessed the deficiencies of my daughter’s approach to her studies and immediately set on a path to help her help herself. I appreciate Adrian’s communication with me and follow up to their sessions, so that we are working together and are consistent in our approach to help my daughter during the whole week.”

– Lori Lehman, Mother of a Palo Alto High School student; Palo Alto, CA

“Working with your tutors really saved my life this year. My Chem honors and Algebra II honors classes were so hard I couldn’t keep up. Vijay and Young Ha were such dedicated and good tutors. They did everything they could to make sure I did well in my classes. They were also more than tutors, they were friends. I am so happy that I signed up for tutoring.”

– B.E. Saratoga High School student; Saratoga, CA

“We called Cardinal Education to help our daughter with History and Chemistry. Our daughter has special needs and was overwhelmed with the material and struggled to the point of almost failing. Allen Koh from Cardinal Education, came to the rescue and quickly assessed how he could help our daughter get into a successful mode. We worked closely with Derek for History and he completely turned our daughter around. History is Derek’s specialty and he is very passionate about the subject, which in turn gave our daughter knowledge and motivation to succeed. Our other tutor, Young Ha Koh was extremely helpful in aiding our daughter to manage Chemistry. He is a “master tutor” when it comes to this subject. In the end, all I can say is that Cardinal Education will do whatever takes to get the job done.”

– Mother of a Sacred Heart Student Palo Alto, CA

“I have used many tutors for my son over the years in all subjects. I can say without qualification that my experience with Cardinal Education was by far the best I have ever had. From the initial call to the consultation with my family and all the tutoring sessions, your company displayed outstanding service on a timely basis. Thanks again for your help and assistance.”

– Andrew, Father of a student at Crystal Springs; San Francisco, CA

“George was the best tutor we’ve ever had! Nobody has been able to motivate Matthew like George has. Matthew was a complete mess in chemistry – he wasn’t doing his homework and had basically given up. He has gone from a D to B+ in the class since he began tutoring! I hope to continue using your tutors next year and for my younger son as well.”

– Theresa, Mother of a Los Altos High School Student; Los Altos, CA

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Cardinal Education offer flexible scheduling to accommodate students’ busy schedules, and we can set up extended or accelerated programs to meet unique deadlines and situations. With our knowledge of schools in the area, students receive unrivaled instruction.