Cardinal Education Scholars Director

Job Title: Director of Cardinal Education Scholars
Location: Burlingame, CA
Start Date: Variable

Cardinal Education has been in business for over a decade applying elite standards, premier expertise, and holistic advising to families in the Silicon Valley. After developing a philosophy that delivers for some of the most successful people in America, our CEO, Allen Koh, has decided to give back by applying the same model to disadvantaged communities absolutely free of charge. Cardinal Education has an exciting opportunity for a passionate, talented individual to build and expand our non-profit program, Cardinal Education Scholars (CES). We are a fast-growing company focused on providing top-tier admissions consulting, tutoring, and test prep to families, institutions, and our in-home pro bono programs. CES is designed to make a dramatic impact in the lives of motivated, high-achieving middle-school students from underprivileged backgrounds through an annual program that builds their conceptual knowledge, teaches them essential study skills, and provides comprehensive guidance and support.

CES Director-level hires join the team with approximately 3-7 years of relevant work experience since graduating from college. The selected candidate will have the opportunity to build an impactful program while gaining valuable professional experience. The CES Director will educate and work with parents in order to deliver the best results for students. The selected candidate will also develop and foster relationships with institutional partners such as school local elected officials, partner non-profit organization, and many others. A successful CES Director will also create comprehensive education plans for each student including high school, summer programs, and scholarship opportunities.

The Director of CES is responsible for both teaching students one-on-one and developing a successful program that will benefit these students throughout their entire middle school career – all staff at Cardinal Education work with both business development and students; that is a core philosophy that breeds excellence. Someone who is looking to execute and build a scalable model that applies for-profit methodology to the nonprofit sector is ideal for the position.

If you are striving to make a true impact in your career and have the capability to make it happen, Cardinal Education Scholars is the place for you. To take the first step toward having a dynamic, challenging career, email with the subject “CES Program Director” your resume, a cover letter, and your academic transcript. We do not accept inquiries by phone.


  • Exceptional one-to-one instructional ability
  • Superlative drive to help students do more than simply strive for grades. Rather, we aspire to cultivate student thinking so that they become well-rounded individuals that no longer need coaching
  • Apply relentless dedication to delivering results. This includes working evenings and weekends, as needed, to meet objectives. This is not a 40-hour-per-week position. To take advantage of the opportunities in the company for incredible professional development and growth, being willing to push yourself is necessary
  • Company needs are consistently evolving, and we prize individuals who do more than simply tolerate change. We are looking for those who thrive when asked to develop new skills and adapt to novel situations.
  • Ability to protocolize, develop curriculum, manage relationships, and standardize the model of the program as it scales
  • Leverage superior communication skills to earn independence on complex projects and foster deep relationships with students
  • Ability to work independently yet collaboratively across multiple disciplines and functions
  • Own a car with current driver’s license, insurance, and registration
  • Willingness to work nonstandard work hours including evenings and weekends to sync with our educational partners and benefit the kids
  • Possession of a Bachelor’s degree prior to date of start. Graduate degree and/or teaching credential preferred
  • Experience preparing or reviewing applications preferred
  • Experience with PR and working with prominent donors is a plus
  • Spanish, Mandarin, and/or Cantonese fluency desired
  • Must be able to coach math through geometry
  • Experience with issues facing future first-generation college students is a plus


  • Competitive starting salary with unrivaled opportunity for compensation growth. A successful CES Director is expected to earn 10% or more compensation increases by exceeding expectations
  • Medical insurance reimbursement
  • Three weeks paid leave, including sick leave
  • Daily lunch
  • Performance bonuses
  • Team-building events
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