Cardinal Education Coach (Mentor and Tutor)

Job Title: Cardinal Education Coach (Mentor and Tutor)
Location: Bay Area
Number of Positions: Open until filled
Start Date: TBD
Pay: $36 per hour with increases over time for tenure, experience, and skillset

The Cardinal Education team is built with premier talent providing advising and expertise to many of the most influential business leaders in the country.We believe in coaches, not tutors. As a Cardinal Education Coach, you will go far above and beyond for students than what is expected at other companies. Being a CE Coach means being the best in the industry. We will invest heavily in your training and development to help you deliver exceptional mentorship, instruction, support, and professionalism to our families. We invest in allowing you to make a real difference.

This is an excellent opportunity for those interested in teaching or working in the education industry, those who are taking time off to apply to medical school or other graduate programs, or those who simply want to supplement their incomes with rewarding, stimulating work.

Test Prep Coaches will guide students toward success on standardized tests, while Subject Coaches will execute individualized study plans with the focus of improving a student’s conceptual understanding, study skills, and organization. All Coaches provide students and families alike with genuine care and support, becoming an integral part of a child’s growth.

We focus on top-tier subject coaching and test prep coaching for families, institutions, and pro bono programs alike, giving students of all backgrounds the tools they need to thrive.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Cardinal Education does NOT require an exclusivity contract.


  • Coach students in a one-on-one setting to provide support, build confidence, teach material, and inspire curiosity
  • Build relationships with families to deliver far more than a grade. CE coaches are expected to guide students through the challenges of a competitive academic atmosphere, changing the course of their lives through superb instruction and extraordinary mentorship
  • Maintain utter professionalism in all facets to deliver the premier, unrivaled service to families to which CE is dedicated


  • Exceptional one-to-one instructional ability
  • Superlative drive to help students do more than simply strive for grades. Rather, we aspire to cultivate student thinking so that they become well-rounded individuals that no longer need coaching
  • Apply relentless dedication to delivering results. This can include preparing lesson plans, finding supplemental material, and communicating with families to ensure progress
  • Translate superior communication skills into deep relationships with students and parents
  • Ability to work independently yet dutifully within company pedagogy and processes
  • Possess a personal vehicle and the ability to travel to students’ homes
  • Be able to commit to working with students through the current academic year
  • The ability to work at least 4 hours per week
  • In-progress Bachelor’s degree from a top-50 university


Our rapidly scaling company is looking for coaches across the Bay Area. To get started, email with the Subject “Cardinal Education Coach” your resume and your academic transcript (unofficial is acceptable). We do not accept inquiries by phone.

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