About Cardinal Education

Cardinal Education provides educational consulting services and personalized, expert tutoring to augment your child's education. We exclusively focus onindividualized goals, needs, and abilities, taking a holistic approach to develop young adults to be successful in their academic and extracurricular pursuits. From early academic planning to college admissions, Cardinal Education is firmly committed to the very best for you and your child.


Our Tutors

Our dedicated, passionate tutors are undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni of top-tier universities. Every team member possesses a personal record of academic and extra-curricular achievement, a rarity in education. Our tutors are experts in the subjects they teach, and act as mentors who have the ability to inspire and motivate learning. Each tutor undergoes our rigorous application process to ensure they are as excellent as their résumés and applications reflect. Furthermore, Cardinal Education has the most comprehensive understanding of the California public and private school systems, the UC admissions process, and how the two are linked. With sincere compassion and an emphatic desire to teach, our tutors are excited to begin working with your child today.